Sierra Houk

Kindle 9th anniversary



Business Goal
Create alternative social posts that we could use when the video that was commissioned didn’t work out as planned. These also doubled as explorations for what could be done for the 10th anniversary.

Design Approach
Explore motion gifs as well as still options. The overall vibe needed to be celebratory and fun and still fit in with the Kindle branding. I used our existing assets and searched stock photography. The cupcake image ended up being the right balance of celebration and simplicity.

Result (via Sprinklr report)
Facebook: +620.86% increase over cross-channel average
Twitter: +15.32%increase over cross-channel average

Email for Amazon Instant Video and Fire TV



Business Goal
To see if placing the button in the image vs. placing it in the body affects click through rate.

Design Approach
Using images from past photoshoots. We did an A/B test to see if including the button in the image or in the body text would make a difference in click-throughs.

The version with the button in the body had a 106 bps higher CTR than the version with the button in the ECG (not statistically significant). In the future we could test button placement in an email without body copy.